5 ways to unwind when you get home

We live in a world of constant rushing around, stress and noise. Subject to schedules, social obligations and appearance.


Our daily checklist is endless. We commit ourselves to fulfilling daily obligations, often beyond our means. All this on top of the new epidemic of this century, in which we are all hyperconnected. In which we do not know how our family’s day has been but we know what the neighbour has had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We’ve reached the point where we can’t say no to plans that we really don’t fancy, for fear of missing out.

Why don’t we change this? Listen to your inner self. What would you like to do? Do it without the fear of feeling that what you’re doing isn’t as cool as what your Instagram “friends” are doing. 

It’s about knowing how to switch off in order to reconnect with yourself. The first thing you can do is just unwind when you get home. Let the world out there continue what it’s doing, and you just do what you really want to do.


So how do you unwind when you get home?


  1. What do you like to do when you’re at home? Cook, read, watch Netflix or whatever, but dedicate time to it. Put on your best apron and cook whatever you fancy, start that book that’s been waiting to be read for months, or make yourself a hot chocolate, chill on the sofa and watch your favourite series. It’s your moment, enjoy it!
  2.  What does your home smell like? You’ll think we’re crazy asking you this, but we we’re not. Smells can directly affect our mood. Choose a fragrance for your home that will convey peace and tranquillity. A pleasant scent that makes you feel good. You can opt for candles, incense sticks or a humidifier.
  3. Click ‘play’ on your favourite Spotify list and relax. Music has the power to relieve stress and put us in a good mood, so why not take advantage of it?
  4. When you think you need some downtime, have a relaxing bath. It’ll allow you some alone time, to switch off and sleep better. Don’t do it every day, though, because we should use water responsibly.
  5. After a shower, it’s time to pamper your skin. It has been proven that dedicating a few minutes a day to our beauty ritual makes us feel more beautiful and confident. Apply each cream thoroughly, massaging gently, and enjoy the moment. Take a look at our Body Natur creams!


With these 5 tips you’ll leave the stress behind you once you enter your home.




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