About the brand

What does it mean that the brand is vegan?

It means that our brand meets the following requirements:

  • The products have not been tested on animals
  • Their ingredients have not been tested on animals for cosmetic purposes
  • Their ingredients are not of animal origin
  • Their ingredients are not products derived from animals
  • Their ingredients are not genetically modified organisms.

Can the products be used on tattooed skin

Yes. Body Natur products can be used on tattooed skin once the tattoo has healed, since the ink is in the dermis and the cosmetic products act on the epidermis.

What's the minimum age to start using your products?

The Body Natur product tests were carried out on users over the age of 18. Although some of our products are not contraindicated for use by younger individuals, we cannot guarantee complete skin compatibility of the product because it will depend on the development of each individual.

However, you can carry out a small skin test on the area for application (starting with the least sensitive areas, such as the legs). Carefully follow the instructions for use and read the precautions. Pay close attention to the time, preferably leaving the product on for less time than the indicated maximum in order to avoid irritation.

What does dermatologically tested mean?

All our products are clinically and dermatologically tested to prove the effectiveness of the products and to justify the product claims.

What does the PEFC logo on the packaging mean?

This is a certification that guarantees that the cardboard is derived from wood from sustainably-managed forests.

What’s the difference between men’s and women's hair removal products?

Men’s hair tends to be thicker than women’s hair, and the roots are usually stronger and deeper.

Body Natur products have been adapted for men in terms of fragrance, colour and extracts, and are available as hair removal creams or wax strips.

  • Hair removal cream: the hair removal formula for men’s products is stronger, though the application times are the same.
  • Wax strips: we use the hardest type of wax for men’s hair.

What does it mean when products contain 95% natural ingredients?

Of all the carefully selected ingredients included in our formulas, 95% are of natural origin. This means that, of all the ingredients used to formulate a product, at least 95% are of natural origin.

What method of hair removal should I use if I have sensitive skin?

If your skin is sensitive you will certainly need to think about the hair removal method and products used. However, even if our skin is sensitive and tends to suffer allergic reactions, we can still perform hair removal at home.

We just need to find the right kind of hair removal method and product for this type of skin, that will allow us to remove unwanted hair without any side effects.

Body Natur has a range of products especially designed for sensitive skin. We develop our products with absolute respect for the skin, adapting the formulas and application times to each type.

What method of hair removal gives the longest-lasting results?

The duration of the results doesn’t depend on the type of wax used, but on the hair removal method used. That is, whether hair removal wax or hair removal cream is used:

The wax strips, professional waxes and warm waxes, such as our click pen, give results that last for approximately 1 month.

With hair removal creams, results usually last up to 3-4 days.


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