Our values:


We believe that people’s true beauty lies within and that to feel good on the outside we must feel good on the inside: “Caring for our skin has emotional effects on our mood.”

This is why at Body Natur we believe that everyone should feel beautiful and we contribute to this right to feel beautiful.



Body Natur is a brand that constantly monitors global trends and new developments in the sector. Its aim is to transform skin care into sensorial experiences through perfumes, textures and flavours.

Our formulas include carefully selected, approved ingredients to create effective products that care for your skin and give optimal results.

Caring for our skin has emotional effects on our mood. We truly believe that everyone is beautiful and we contribute to wellbeing and the right to feel beautiful.



With maximum quality and committed to caring for and respecting the skin, Body Natur is a multicultural brand with a wide range of products that are affordable to all. Body Natur products are suitable for all skin types, allowing beauty to achieve its maximum expression anywhere and at any time, to give the best version of you.


We love and respect animals so our products are vegan. None of our products are tested on animals, nor formulated with ingredients of animal origin. Because caring for animals is everyone’s responsibility.

What they say about us

  • I have super dry skin and I notice that for 48 hours my skin is very moisturized and nourished. I am a big fan of their scents.

    Judith Frontón @mummiella
  • Butters are usually dense, but Body Natur’s has a light texture that absorbs very quickly and is perfect for dry skin like mine.

    Inma Soria @Coohuco
  • In love with the scrub, I use self-tanner from time to time and needed a product like this to get the flawless result.

    Olga @vivircongusto
  • I love them so much because they are made with natural and vegan ingredients. The textures and aromas are WOW!

    Gloria Martínez @gloria.martinez
  • My favorite product is the Coconut Body Sorbet, I apply it after showering, it is part of my daily ritual, I love how much it moisturizes me without leaving a greasy feeling, how incredibly good it smells and above all knowing that I am using a natural and vegan product that respects my skin but also the environment.

    Miren Alós @mirenalos
  • On both my short and longer trips, I always take a good depilatory cream with me so that it doesn’t hurt the skin.
    I do laser but in between sessions you always have to wax once in a while 🙂
    This one you see is from @bodynaturofficial and it leaves you super smooth.

    Ana Moya @anamoyacalzado
  • I’m already in #Cuba and I brought @bodynaturofficial to have my legs perfect, have you tried it? My favorite is the red berries

    Agostina Saracco @agostinasaracco
  • The depilatory cream I use is the one from @bodynaturofficial for normal skin, it moisturizes the skin while removing hair and leaves my skin smooth and comfortable.

    Benjamin Thorpe @benjithorpe

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