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From nature to your skin

Your new must-have, with all the power of nature, capable of revitalising your hair and body Can you imagine being able to perfume, refresh and hydrate your skin and hair with a single product?   The Biphasic...
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Connecting with your inner self: the new trend that will allow you to feel liberated

Do you feel like you’re racing through life? Do you feel panicky because you can’t get everything done?   I’m sure you don’t stop all week. You’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. You’re afraid you’ll miss those afterwork...
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Hydrating body serum

Until now, serums were for facial use only. But Body Natur Velvet Serum is here to change that. What’s a serum? A serum is a cosmetic product whose concentration of ingredients is higher than that of a...
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5 tips on how to care for your skin from the inside

Our skin is a reflection of our inner health. So we must take care of it from the inside, starting with our diet and good habits. There are many factors that can influence the condition of the...
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5 ways to unwind when you get home

We live in a world of constant rushing around, stress and noise. Subject to schedules, social obligations and appearance.   Our daily checklist is endless. We commit ourselves to fulfilling daily obligations, often beyond our means. All...
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Natural scrubs with ingredients you’ll love

Exfoliation is an essential ritual if you want to remove dead cells and have smoother, more beautiful skin.   How do scrubs work? Body Natur scrubs contain naturally-occurring exfoliating particles such as coconut shells, crushed rice and...
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Welcome to the world of body natur

At Body Natur we understand the need for beauty as Smart Beauty, the perfect balance between beauty and intelligence. Smart Beauty represents our commitment to absolute respect for the skin, as well as effectiveness and innovation affordable...
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