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Kombucha, a superfood in your cosmetics

Kombucha tea is a fermented detox drink, full of probiotics and amino acids, which has become very popular in recent years owing to its health benefits. It makes sense that some of the foods that provide multiple...
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Time for a home pedicure

Feet! Those often-neglected parts of our body. How many of you take care of them every day? The skin of your feet needs to be given the same attention as the skin on the rest of your...
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Your mindfulness moment in the shower

Do you feel stressed or a bit down these days? This is totally normal; these are the effects of having been confined for so many days. However, transforming activities that you usually do automatically and with little...
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salon de belleza en casa

Everything you need for creating your own beauty salon at home

If you’ve run out of ideas for what to do at home, this might be just what you need. Have you ever thought about setting up your own beauty salon at home? It’s much easier than you...
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A good time to take up yoga

During these days of confinement it’s important to dedicate time to doing some kind of exercise to de-stress your body and mind.  Why choose yoga as a form of exercise for doing at home? Yoga is a...
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At home with hair-free skin

It’s important to continue to look after yourself during this time. Although you go out at the moment, you should try to maintain your usual routines as much as possible, for both your mind and your body....
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Life on pause

A few days ago we spoke to you about FOMO, remember? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the name given to those of us in the digital age who have a real fear of missing out on...
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From nature to your skin

Your new must-have, with all the power of nature, capable of revitalising your hair and body Can you imagine being able to perfume, refresh and hydrate your skin and hair with a single product?   The Biphasic...
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Connecting with your inner self: the new trend that will allow you to feel liberated

Do you feel like you’re racing through life? Do you feel panicky because you can’t get everything done?   I’m sure you don’t stop all week. You’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. You’re afraid you’ll miss those afterwork...
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