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A new favourite product for your skin! Make it part of your daily body care routine.

Moisturising your skin is essential at any time of year, but now it’s even more important after the effects of excess sun during the summer months. But imagine moisturising your skin with a product that transforms into...
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Back to school and more protected than ever

If you want to make sure the kids are protected, and to do it safely, we have the ideal product to make the return to school a little easier. We know these are uncertain times, so at...
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The importance of moisturising your skin after sunbathing

Luckily, we’re increasingly aware of how important it is to protect our skin before sunbathing, but what we don’t really realise is how important it is to moisturise our skin well after sunbathing. Today we’re going to...
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This product is all you need for keeping your tan for longer

There’s only one really effective TIP that will help you prolong that hard-earned tan. And here it is: start exfoliating your skin regularly NOW! Exfoliation is your best ally in preventing your tan from fading too quickly....
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Say goodbye to hair, no pain!

In general, women feel uncomfortable about having facial and body hair, and even more so in the summer We often resort to removing the hair, but there are areas (on the face and body) where you don’t...
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Bye, bye, hair! Get your skin ready for summer

More and more men are paying attention to personal grooming these days. And hair removal is already part of the aesthetic routine of many men, whether for appearance reasons or for greater comfort when practicing certain sports....
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Kombucha, a superfood in your cosmetics

Kombucha tea is a fermented detox drink, full of probiotics and amino acids, which has become very popular in recent years owing to its health benefits. It makes sense that some of the foods that provide multiple...
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Time for a home pedicure

Feet! Those often-neglected parts of our body. How many of you take care of them every day? The skin of your feet needs to be given the same attention as the skin on the rest of your...
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Your mindfulness moment in the shower

Do you feel stressed or a bit down these days? This is totally normal; these are the effects of having been confined for so many days. However, transforming activities that you usually do automatically and with little...
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