7 advantages to using our wax strips for body!

BODY NATUR > 7 advantages to using our wax strips for body!

Looking for long-lasting hair removal results? Well, you’re in luck, because Body Natur wax strips are the perfect product for you. You get effective hair removal and a longer hair-free period. You may think all wax strips are the same, but that’s not the case. Read on, and you’ll find out why!

You’ll love Body Natur’s wax strips because of their characteristics – they’re convenient, easy to use and give quick results. Let’s take a closer look at their advantages.

Wax strips for the body

We have wax strips for the body, specifically for legs, and they’re suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.

1. Wax strips that separate when cold

All of them! Forget about the hassle of having to rub strips between your hands before you can separate them! To speed up the process and make everything easier, our strips can be peeled apart even when cold.

2. They don’t curl up

Have you ever had wax strips curl up in the middle of waxing? No doubt that’s happened to you too. That’s why our wax strips are made in such a way that they don’t curl up, making the whole process much easier.

3. Effective on short hair

One tricky thing about waxing is trying to remove short hair. It just doesn’t stick to the strip, it’s still there even after you’ve waxed. Sounds familiar? Well, you needn’t worry about that anymore now because our wax strips are effective even on very short hair, and will leave your skin perfectly smooth.

4. They don’t contain silicones or rosin

Rosin is a natural amber-coloured resin obtained from the distillation of pine turpentine and one of its many uses is in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Our strips do not contain this resin, nor silicones, which hinder oxygenation and dry out the skin.

5. They’re vegan

Many of you ask whether our products are vegan, and we’re happy to say “yes, they’re vegan!” We believe in this type of cosmetics and we know the benefits for all, so if you want effective hair removal using vegan products, then our wax strips are just what you’re looking for.

6. Forget about hair for 4 weeks

Hair removal is pretty tedious, we get you. And that’s why we want you to enjoy being hair free for as long as possible. Thanks to our wax strips, you can enjoy up to 4 hair-free weeks. Yes, that’s right, almost a whole month without having to think about another waxing session. Fantastic, isn’t it? 

7. Post-waxing wipes 

Our post-waxing wipes are great. You know why? Because they cleanse, soothe, brighten and moisturise the skin, giving it the perfect finish. And they also slow hair growth!

Why not try them out for yourself, and enjoy all the other advantages too that come with Body Natur’s hair removal products!

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