Why are more and more men shaving?

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Hair removal is a growing trend among men and is no longer the domain of women. An increasing number of men are taking up the practice due to a variety of reasons.

Sport, comfort and aesthetics are the main reasons

Male hair removal is no longer slightly frowned upon in society. For a long time, hair on men tended to be associated with masculinity. However, this belief is now a thing of the past, and male hair removal is seen as just another option available to men.

Men these days shave more than they did 20 or 30 years ago. On the beach we see more men with their hair removed from their legs and other areas of the body. We are a brand specialised in hair removal and have the broadest range of men’s grooming products. We tailor our products to suit men’s hair type, their preferences, and the area to be waxed.

The first reason for the increase in the number of men who opt for hair removal is the comfort of not having hair on certain areas of their body. This is linked to the second reason, which is aesthetics. Some men consider areas with hair, such as the back and the abdomen, as unaesthetic. Men tend to have more hair, and thicker hair, than women on some parts of the body.  

The practice of certain sports is another reason why men decide to remove body hair. Although the first sportsmen and women to start removing body hair –mainly to avoid infection– were cyclists and athletes, it is now increasingly common among athletes in other disciplines who also want to avail of the advantages of hair removal. In some sports, such as swimming, it has practically become a requirement, as well as contributing to better hygiene.

The third principal reason is that less hair means less sweat and body odour. Areas of the body such as the chest, armpits and legs are prone to excessive sweating, which can cause unpleasant odours. As there is no hair, the problem practically disappears, improving personal hygiene.

For effective hair removal, Body Natur has the perfect products in its vegan DEPILMEN range

The type of hair removal product depends on the area you wish to remove hair from.  

The hair removal method depends on personal preference: some men prefer creams because they are a painless option, and others prefer wax strips because the results last longer. We also have different products that are specifically adapted to the area for hair removal.

Our hair removal creams for men are stronger, in order to achieve the same results and in the same time frame as the hair removal creams for women. A harder wax is used with our wax strips for men, as men’s hair is thicker.

Our moisturising body hair removal cream gels for normal and sensitive skin are fragranced and contain ginseng and green tea oils, as well as algae extract, Aloe Vera and shea butter. They are perfect for shaving legs, underarms, back, chest and arms. For normal skin, the action time is 3 minutes, and 5 minutes for sensitive skin.

With these creams, the skin remains hair-free for much longer than it would with shaving, and is moisturised for up to 24 hours. The wipes tone, moisturise and slow hair growth.

Our wax strips for the body and small areas guarantee up to four hair-free weeks and are suitable for all skin types. They do not contain silicone or rosin and the action time is immediate. Their cold separation format means that they’re ready to use, and they are effective even on very short hair.

Finally, our intimate area hair removal cream with ginseng, green tea and marine algae, are perfect for the groin and intimate area. It is ideal for ultra-sensitive skin, with an action time of 3 minutes. Results last for 3 or 4 days depending on the type of skin and hair. The pleasantly-fragranced wipe tones, moisturises and slows hair growth.

Enjoy effective and long-lasting hair removal with Body Natur. 

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