5 tips on how to care for your skin from the inside

Our skin is a reflection of our inner health. So we must take care of it from the inside, starting with our diet and good habits. There are many factors that can influence the condition of the skin, such as genetics, solar radiation, pollution and diet.

A good diet is one that provides us with all the vitamins, proteins and minerals that our body needs. If we have an unbalanced diet, we may be deficient in various nutrients, and one of the organs that will show this most will be the skin.

Acne, blocked pores, dark circles under the eyes and dehydration are just some of the symptoms of an inadequate diet.

Here are 5 tips to help you take care of your skin from the inside:

1. If you can’t avoid snacking between meals, don’t resort to bag snacks or sweet things.

Some fruit, or even vegetables, are the best choice. Try carrying them in your bag already prepared – it will be more appetising and you won’t have to wash, peel or cut them. Make it as easy as possible! Just open and eat, like snacks, but healthy ones.

2. And drink water!

You’re probably tired of hearing about how important it is for your body. But it’s essential that your skin is hydrated, so you should drink plenty of water. It will also prevent wrinkles from appearing. And, drink infusions! This is a great way of drinking water without you even realising it.

3. Say goodbye to alcohol and salt.

These are the enemies of healthy and radiant skin. Both salt and alcohol contribute to water retention and dehydration. This causes dark circles under the eyes and puffy eyelids. And since we don’t want that… get rid of them!

4. Sleep as much as your body needs.

During the day we are constantly exposed to external agents that are harmful to the skin, such as weather and pollution. During the night, the skin takes advantage of when we are asleep to regenerate itself naturally. By resting well and for an adequate amount of time, we allow our skin to recover from the stresses of daily life, helping to avoid bags under the eyes, dull skin, dark circles, acne, etc. 

5. Nuts in your diet.

Nuts contain multiple properties that are beneficial for the skin. And they’re delicious! Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts… they all have a high content of vitamin E, healthy fats and calcium. Consuming them daily, in small quantities (this is important), will give you healthier and more beautiful skin.

Good habits and a balanced diet are the basis for healthy skin. From now on, your skin will be more than ready for any cosmetic treatment, from exfoliation to hydration.

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