Your mindfulness moment in the shower

Do you feel stressed or a bit down these days? This is totally normal; these are the effects of having been confined for so many days. However, transforming activities that you usually do automatically and with little awareness, like showering, brushing your teeth or washing your hands, into activities carried out with mindfulness or with your full attention, can really help. It will allow you to focus more on physical sensations than on thoughts, which can help you to cultivate calm and serenity.

There are many benefits to being fully aware of everything you do.

The shower is a perfect place for practicing mindfulness. Also, you don’t need to find extra time to be able to incorporate this practice, because it is something you do every day. You just need to make showering a special time during your day, intimate and enjoyable, a moment for exercising conscious attention: your moment.

How? As soon as you enter the shower, you can start focusing on the sensations. When you touch the water, feel its temperature, its texture…and the sensation when you touch the sponge, the soap, etc.

Let the water flow over your head for a few minutes. Close your eyes and feel how the water runs down your entire body. From your head, over your face, your arms, your legs, until it reaches your feet. Explore, as if for the first time, the tactile sensations when you rub each part of your body. Explore too the sound the drops of water make, and stimulate your sense of smell (first by smelling the soap you’re going to use).

Stopping the mental chatter is not easy. It seems to be a ceaseless activity, and it will constantly distract you. Each time you notice it, gently bring your attention back to the sensations in the shower. Every time you this, you are training your attention muscle, bringing your focus back time and time again to your senses.

You can also dry yourself using mindfulness, connecting with the sensations of the touch of the towel on each part of your body.

aceite-crema-aguacateContinue by applying an oil in cream, like that of Body Natur, whose texture transforms into an oil when you massage it into your body. Savour the moment!

Bring your attention now to the olfactory sensations. Notice the delicate fragrances the cream leaves on your skin. Gently massage it in until it is completely absorbed. You’ll be enveloped in a warm feeling of well-being whilst also caring for your skin, leaving it soft and moisturised for up to 48 hours.

And, finally, dress yourself slowly. After all, washing and showering is also a great metaphor for mental cleansing.


Devoting your full attention to showering can be a great opportunity for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, to cultivate calm and serenity.


Esther Fernández

Mindfulness instructor for Breathworks and MBSR

Yoga instructor


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