Time for a home pedicure

Feet! Those often-neglected parts of our body. How many of you take care of them every day? The skin of your feet needs to be given the same attention as the skin on the rest of your body.

You probably leave the house less often these days, but your feet still suffer continuous stress and wear and tear every day.

And they certainly deserve to be looked after properly! So here’s our mini foot care routine for a complete pedicure – it’s time to get your sandals on and flaunt those feet!


Looking after your feet at home




Starting with a proper exfoliation of your feet is important if you want to avoid dead skin, cracks, hardness, and unsightly calluses.

With this special foot scrub, you’ll be able to remove the dead skin cells that make your feet look ugly and dull. Its composition of 15% Urea and Pumice Stone boosts its effects by eliminating roughness, hardness, and dead skin cells to give you soft, smooth feet in an instant!



Dry or cracked feet and heels are due to a loss of elasticity caused by lack of moisture.

If you want beautiful and well cared for feet, you’ll have to get used to moisturising them every day with a specific foot cream such as the Repairing Cream. We recommend doing this at night, to let the cream work for hours while you enjoy your sleep.


If your feet suffer from hardness and calluses, applying Body Natur’s Urea and Lactic Acid Cream will really help reduce them. Its handy format makes localised application a breeze.


Foot deodorant (yes, you’ve read correctly)

If you tend to have sweaty feet, don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this problem! Try a dry-effect deodorant or a powder deodorant that regulates sweat production and helps keep your feet dry all day long. You’ll see the results in no time.


Tired legs

Many of us move around a lot less these days, and this can directly affect our blood circulation. Poor circulation damages our feet, and also our legs, well before we notice the first symptoms.

Body Natur’s Soothing Cold Gel with Menthol instantly soothes and relaxes tired legs and burning feet. It provides a feeling of intense freshness and doesn’t leave a greasy sensation, thanks to its rapid absorption.


Its exclusive toning formula with Red Vine also improves the feel and appearance of the skin.




Once you’ve completed this routine, your feet are now ready for your favourite nail varnish. Flaunt fabulous feet all year round!


All the products we recommend are vegan, are dermatologically tested, and are of pharmacy quality. You can find them all at our catalog.


Remember, one of the best ways to spend your time at home is to dedicate a few minutes to taking care of every part of your body. This routine should be done throughout the year, not just before summer arrives and we start showing our feet more.


As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, remember to exfoliate, moisturise, treat, and take care of your feet every day.


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