The importance of moisturising your skin after sunbathing

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Luckily, we’re increasingly aware of how important it is to protect our skin before sunbathing, but what we don’t really realise is how important it is to moisturise our skin well after sunbathing. Today we’re going to talk to you about it!

Moisturise your skin after sunbathing

 You’re probably spending more time in the sun on these hot, summer days. This prolonged exposure can dehydrate your skin. So, after sunbathing, it’s really important to moisturise your skin and help it to regenerate.

What can you do for your skin? Treat it to some intense moisturisation. The Body Natur butters are a good way to give your skin the nourishment it needs.


How is a conventional moisturiser different from a Body Natur butter?

Standard moisturisers tend to be lighter. And, although they’re a good option for combatting dry skin, many times they fall short when it comes to moisturisation. Or they do moisturise, but leave the skin feeling oily or greasy.

The Body Natur body butters, on the other hand, are denser but less greasy and they provide more nourishment. They increase the level of moisturisation needed by the skin, without leaving a greasy feeling when applied.


How is a conventional butter different from a Body Natur butter?

The Body Natur butters are vegan, with 95% natural-origin ingredients such as coconut, mango, and red fruits.

Unlike other butters, the Body Natur butters have a creamy but light texture. They provide deep nourishment, leaving the skin moisturised for 48 hours.

They provide immediate softness and the best thing, especially during these hot months, is that they don’t leave the skin feeling greasy or with a shiny appearance. You can even apply them just before getting dressed, or immediately before going to bed, because they’re not at all sticky.

Thanks to the quality of their carefully selected ingredients, they repair, rebalance, and restore the lost elasticity of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky.

The Body Natur butters create a film on the surface layer of the skin, resulting in nourished, comfortable skin.


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