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There’s only one really effective TIP that will help you prolong that hard-earned tan.

And here it is: start exfoliating your skin regularly NOW!

Exfoliation is your best ally in preventing your tan from fading too quickly.

Contrary to what some people still believe today, your tan doesn’t disappear if you exfoliate your skin. What disappears are the dead cells which, if they are not removed, will only make your skin look dull. That’s exactly what you don’t want – dark, dull-looking skin, right?

Using a good scrub will make your skin look beautiful and healthy. With regular exfoliation your dark skin will look much brighter and your tan will last longer, and when it eventually starts to fade, it will do so in a uniform way.


Body Natur scrubs, vegan and of natural origin

The Body Natur scrubs are formulated with exfoliating particles of biodegradable

materials such as coconut shells, crushed rice or microbubbles of volcanic rock.

They’re suitable for vegans, are skin friendly and, of course, they’re also environmentally friendly.

The Body Natur scrubs work on two levels. On the top layer of the skin, thanks to the larger grains; and on the deeper layers of the skin, thanks to the tiny particles that give a more intense exfoliation.


Which scrub should I choose?

  • The Rice and Coconut Oil body Scrub has a lovely creamy texture. Its exfoliating particles are coconut shell, crushed rice and microbubbles of volcanic rock. If you’re a coconut fan you’ll love it, because it smells amazing!

  • Both the Red Fruits, Pomegranate and Dragon Fruit Scrub and the Mango, Papaya and Marula Scrub have a lighter, almost transparent, gel texture that’s reminiscent of the freshness of their ingredients. You’ll be seduced by their fruity fragrances from the very first day you apply them to your skin.



We know it’s a difficult choice to make, but which one will you go for?

You can find all the info about these 3 scrubs on our website.




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