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If you want to make sure the kids are protected, and to do it safely, we have the ideal product to make the return to school a little easier.

We know these are uncertain times, so at Body Natur want to help. We’d like to invite you to try the new 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic balms designed specially for the most demanding members of the household, the kids.

Practical, safe, and with a nice smell that will encourage the kids to use them. These are the new hydroalcoholic balms that we’re launching on the market to protect those you love most at this tricky time.

They’re ideal not only because they smell good and offer protection, but also because they come in a handy 100 ml format that the kids can carry around with them in their backpack.


How are they different to other similar products?


They’re not like any of the products you’ve tried before. What’s really special about the new hydroalcoholic balms is that they have a 2 in 1 action  ̶  sanitising and anti-dryness. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Unlike conventional gels, they’re great at caring for little hands, as they contain nourishing oils that prevent the skin from drying out and leave them soft and moisturised for up to 24 hours.


Two products in one, specially designed for kids. They protect the little ones, due to their great disinfecting power thanks to the ethanol content, and what really makes them stand out is their moisturising ability, with no need to rinse. They’re super practical!




High content of natural oils and moisturising agents


As well as smelling good, with a melon or fruity aroma, the main difference with these balms is that they contain natural nourishing oils and glycerin, guaranteeing extra nourishment for the skin and providing moisturisation for up to 24 hours. But that’s not all. They also have a great texture, a cross between a gel and a hand cream, so there’s no feeling of stickiness. And they come in a perfect “on the go” format for taking to school.



These balms are a ‘must-have’ in your kid’s backpack this autumn.


They’re simply great, and the fun packaging will encourage the kids to protect themselves after eating, playing, etc. They’ll be super happy and you’ll have peace of mind.



It’s time to protect the little ones, so get hold of this product designed exclusively for the kids, but which you’ll both love.


You can find them now in Druni, de la Üz, and in supermarkets Carrefour, Alimerka, Deza, Supersol and Trebol, as well as in Perfumeries Facial, Perfumeria Düca, and Arenal Perfumerias.


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