A new favourite product for your skin! Make it part of your daily body care routine.

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Moisturising your skin is essential at any time of year, but now it’s even more important after the effects of excess sun during the summer months.

But imagine moisturising your skin with a product that transforms into oil when it comes into contact with your skin?

It’s an absolute pleasure for the senses! So what makes it so special?

Although it has only been on the market for eight months, it has already become the favourite of many consumers. It’s a must-have product because of its excellent capacity to moisturise and nourish even the most dehydrated skin or skin suffering from long-term exposure to the sun. Its transforming texture leaves the skin pleasantly scented and with a silky feel.

A cream that transforms into oil? Wondering what that would be like?


WOW texture

Its revolutionary transforming texture makes this cream unique. It has a creamy, non-greasy texture and is easy to apply. And what makes it really special is that when you spread it on your skin it transforms into an incredible moisturising oil that penetrates the skin and provides immediate softness.

“Oil-rich emulsion that transforms into an oil texture when gently massaged into the skin: 2 in 1 cream to moisturise and nourish”.

The main ingredient is avocado. It also contains other ingredients, all natural, such as shea butter, glycerin and Buriti oil. And you’ll be captivated by its scent from the moment you use it!


Formulated for all skin types, and especially for very dry skin. Basically, it’s for everyone who needs daily moisturising, with the added plus of a pleasant scent that comes from nature thanks to its natural ingredients such as avocado.


Apply daily, in the morning and at night, and you’ll notice the difference in your skin. Nourishes the skin for up to 48 hours.


Available in a practical 250 ml bottle that you can use at any time during your daily beauty routine.


The perfect ally for keeping your skin moisturised throughout the coming winter.


You can find it now at Druni and Cosméticos de la Rosa.



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