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In this current situation, if we were to ask you what were the essential items to carry in your bag, what would you say? A moisturising hand cream and a hydroalcoholic gel, for sure.

Not very convenient, right? But keep reading because we have the solution!

At Body Natur, we want to make your day-to-day life easier, which is why we have launched new sanitising balms that have different functions: they provide intense moisturisation for your skin and sanitise your hands at the same time. The perfect 2 in 1 product to carry in your bag, in a 100 ml format, which is light, practical, and smells fantastic.


A new concept in health and hand care that will surprise you

The current personal care trend is changing our daily personal hygiene habits. We’re constantly washing our hands and using alcohol to disinfect them to avoid being infected by COVID-19 or spreading it.

This routine, however, means our hands are dry and dehydrated.

With the cooler weather of autumn, our skin becomes drier and dehydrated, which is why it needs a little help to remain balanced.

If we don’t incorporate moisturising products into our skin care routine, the cold and the frequent use of alcohol will take their toll on our skin.

Our essential Beauty products are the perfect solution for the extra care our skin will need during the coldest months of the year.

The new sanitising balms offer maximum protection and also solve the problem of dry skin.

Their dual action offers excellent sanitising power and their nutritive oils care for the hands, leaving them soft and moisturised for up to 24 hours.


98% natural origin ingredients

These balms will certainly become your favourite products this autumn, because as well as protecting your skin they also provide intense moisturisation thanks to their natural ingredients. They care for your hands more than any conventional gel. When you try them, you won’t want anything else!


And here’s another reason why they’ll become your favourite products  ̶  they have amazing fragrances!


Marula oil, avocado oil, and guarana oil… sounds great, doesn’t it? Now, close your eyes and imagine them on your skin, protecting and moisturising your hands.

Just substitute your hand cream with the new sanitising gels. Another plus factor of these gels is that they don’t leave your hands feeling greasy, and their gel texture means that they are absorbed immediately. WOW!


Protect and moisturise with a single product.


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