Protect and care for your skin don’t let masks unbalance it

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Have you noticed that your skin is unbalanced through the use of masks? Does it feel tight or dry?

The current situation is having a big effect on our skin. The daily use of masks is causing a major imbalance in the dermis: redness, dryness, and tightness.

These symptoms are becoming noticeable not only in extremely sensitive or vulnerable skin, but all types of skin. And it’s not just mask use that’s causing the problem, the cold weather is also taking its toll, destabilising the skin’s stratum corneum.

This results in vulnerable, unbalanced, and tight skin.


Is your skin crying out for repair?


To protect you and the whole family, Body Natur has developed CICA CREAM, the 360° protection cream.

This is a repair cream that contains CENTELLA ASIATICA extract that protects and restores the epidermis and reduces the effects of mask use on the skin.

The main active ingredient, Centella asiatica, helps protect the skin and prevent redness, so the cream should be applied before using the mask. It can also be used after removing your mask, to repair the skin and alleviate any damage caused, such as redness.

Restore and protect. How does CICA CREAM work?

It works by forming a protective film on the skin, which soothes, calms, and promotes repair to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy. It also protects and provides immediate comfort to the skin after mask use.

It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for sensitive or reddened skin.

The power of Centella asiatica combines with zinc oxide to create a film-forming effect that isolates the skin against external agents, thus preventing friction from the mask.

Use CICA CREAM daily, before and after using your mask, so that your skin is protected and cared for. Feel good about your skin!