Awaken your senses by moisturising your skin with hints of nature

BODY NATUR > Awaken your senses by moisturising your skin with hints of nature

Looking for a body care range based on natural ingredients that awaken your senses?

As the temperatures drop, our skin suffers and becomes more vulnerable and dehydrated.  Your skin needs help!

Now’s the time to give your skin an intense treatment to restore its balance.

Imagine using a sensory body care range that will give you special WOW moments?

The Body Natur range is designed for people who, as well as taking care of themselves, see this moment of moisturising their skin as a special moment. The hints of mango, marula and papaya will give you a comforting feeling of well-being. And they smell fab too!

And it’s not just us saying this, it’s those users who no longer use other products to moisturise their skin.


Using the mango range is my special moment. Not only does it moisturise my skin like no other product, but its fragrance also has a comforting effect. The mango fragrance stays on my skin all day long.”  M Garcia.


What products are included in the range?


The range consists of three incredible products that complement each other.


  • Body butter: Fantastic for dry skin. It’s a light body butter with a creamy texture. It provides immediate softness and moisturises the skin for up to 48 hours. It repairs, rebalances, and restores the skin’s elasticity, leaving it soft, silky, and nourished. And best of all, it smells good enough to eat!


  • If you’re looking for a unique moisturiser that’s quickly absorbed, then the body sorbet with an aqueous texture is just what you need. It refreshes, revitalises, and provides 24-hour moisturisation.


  • The papaya and mango body scrub is ideal for using before you apply a moisturising product. What makes it so special? As well as the delicious fragrance, its biodegradable exfoliants of crushed rice particles gently exfoliate the skin.


Immediately after use, your skin will be clean, fresh, radiant, free of impurities and dead cells, and ready to be moisturised.


You can find these three products in Druni, Douglas, Carrefour, Consum and Cosméticos de la Rosa.