From nature to your skin

Your new must-have, with all the power of nature, capable of revitalising your hair and body

Can you imagine being able to perfume, refresh and hydrate your skin and hair with a single product?


The Biphasic Mist is a revolutionary new product capable of transporting you to magical places with its fragrance. The hints of green tea will envelop you, and ginger and kombucha will activate your senses.

Refreshing biphasic mist for your body and hair. With just one click it refreshes and gives you a feeling of well-being, whilst also hydrating and perfuming.


Its biphasic water/oil technology can be used at any time of day. You can take it with you and use it whenever you need it – at work, at the gym or when relaxing at home, as it doesn’t leave a greasy sensation. Amazing, isn’t it?


So what makes it so special? Without a doubt, it’s got to be its natural ingredients that make it a vegan and natural product.

Green tea. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It originates from China and was first drunk during the time of the Song dynasty. It is said that it was the Buddhist monks who discovered that tea kept the mind alert while promoting the relaxation of the whole body. Green tea can benefit both our body and mind.

Another excellent ingredient is kombucha. Do you know it? You may never have heard of this powerful tea, of Chinese origin, which joins the Body Natur skin food trend. And if we add ginger, native to China and India, to this delicate mist, we give it a revitalising touch that you’ll love. We bet you’re looking forward to including it in your toiletry bag, aren’t you?

And finally, we have the cocktail of natural ingredients that you’ll love for its texture. You’ll fall in love with its refreshing power and be captivated by its fragrance. Want to try it?




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