Life on pause

A few days ago we spoke to you about FOMO, remember? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the name given to those of us in the digital age who have a real fear of missing out on plans.


Paradoxically, given the current circumstances we now find ourselves having to disconnect from the outside world. We’ve been forced to put our normal lives on hold for a while and to transform all those outdoor plans into indoor plans, at home.


We’re moving from FOMO to JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). The world is giving us the opportunity to reflect, stop, breathe, enjoy ourselves and our families, dedicate time to ourselves and our families. It’s a good time to change some of our habits, don’t you think?



Ritual Body Natur

And this time is perfect for our Body Natur #slowlife range of products. We recommend dedicating a few minutes every day to taking care of yourself and your skin, to make it your moment. How?


  1. First and foremost, exfoliate your skin with one of the Body Natur scrubs.
    These body scrubs contain biodegradable particles and leave the skin clean and free of impurities, ready for the next treatment. It’s a step you really shouldn’t omit if you want healthy and beautiful skin.


  1. Moisturise your skin! If you’re more into light textures, we strongly recommend the Body Natur sorbets. But if your skin needs deeper nourishment, especially dry skin, and without that heavy, sticky sensation, then one of the Body Natur butters would be perfect for you. These are a rich and nourishing solution that give your skin immediate softness and keep it moisturised for up to 48 hours. You decide which is best for you!


  1. Revitalise body, hair and soul.
    Do you know that smells have an unconscious effect on our sense of well-being? The pleasantly-scented Body Natur mists revitalise, hydrate and refresh your skin whilst also making you feel good.




Let’s make these days of confinement a time for reflection, a time to connect with ourselves and to come out stronger than ever from this current situation.


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