Connecting with your inner self: the new trend that will allow you to feel liberated

Do you feel like you’re racing through life? Do you feel panicky because you can’t get everything done?


I’m sure you don’t stop all week. You’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed. You’re afraid you’ll miss those afterwork drinks, that weekly catch-up with your friends or that commitment you really don’t want to keep. It’s hard to say no, right? It’s hard to turn down a plan just because you don’t feel accepted by the people around you. Sound familiar?

We know what’s going on with you! You’re living in a constant state of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). We want you to stop and think. What do you fancy doing? I mean really fancy doing. How many times do you do things out of obligation or because you’re afraid you’ll miss out on something?

It’s simple, do what you feel like doing at any given time. It’s all about enjoying and savouring each moment, learning to think more about yourself.

It’s time for you to join the manifesto – it’ll make you feel good. Body Natur has already done it, with its new slowbeauty range.We want you to join us in the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) challenge! A new way of feeling and acting that will change you inside and out. Are you ready for the change?

With the new Body Natur body care range we invite you to stop and think about what is good for you, about the here and now. So you’ll feel more, and enjoy more. Why stress yourself out with endless lists of things to do?

Join the new philosophy that will not only allow you to live each experience to the fullest, but will also improve your quality of life. Applying a cream is not just an everyday act but something enjoyable, that you feel and experience. Let it be your moment.

The new body care line is designed for you. A selection of butters, scrubs, sorbets, serums and mists – natural and vegan. Created exclusively with ingredients from the world of food, such as avocado, coconut, tea, red fruits, etc. Their pleasant fragrances and WOW textures will envelop you, activate your senses and help you say goodbye to daily stress. We want you to take care of yourself and your skin!




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