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More and more men are paying attention to personal grooming these days. And hair removal is already part of the aesthetic routine of many men, whether for appearance reasons or for greater comfort when practicing certain sports.


While men’s faces are adorned with beards, the body hair is not so welcome. And especially now, with the arrival of summer!


Depilmen, a hair removal range designed just for you


Body Natur has a range of products specially designed for removing stubborn male hair – Depilmen. There’s a product to suit every need and preference. Adapted fragrance, colour, and extracts. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer!


The first thing you need to ask yourself is: where do I want to remove hair from? Your choice of hair removal product will depend on the area you want to remove hair from. And, of course, on your preferences.


The big dilemma cream or wax?


Whether you decide on hair removal cream or wax, both are a good option. Both methods are safe, respect the skin, and remove hair effectively.


I prefer hair removal cream


Hair removal creams are a great choice for removing hair easily. It’s a quick and totally painless method. It’s also super practical and comfortable, in just 5 minutes you can get rid of the hair on your legs, arms, chest or back. And, did you know that the results last much longer than with traditional razors?




If you have sensitive skin, we recommend the hair removal gel cream for sensitive skin, enriched with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.


For areas such as the groin, pubis, and scrotum, always use the intimate area moisturising hair removal cream. Perfect results in just 3 minutes!



If you’re always rushing around with hardly any time for anything, then the in-shower moisturising hair removal cream is just what you need. An innovative formula that acts while you shower. Quick and easy!




What makes Body Natur hair removal creams stand out from the rest? As well as removing hair and slowing hair growth, the Body Natur creams leave the skin moisturised for up to 24 hours.




I prefer wax


Waxing is one of the longest-lasting methods of hair removal since it removes hair from the root, which doesn’t appear again for four weeks.


The innovative formula of the Body Natur wax strips makes them easier to use. They are specially designed to remove male hair (which is thicker and stronger).





Waxing is another hair removal method for getting rid of hair on the back, chest, legs, arms, and underarms.


Now the decision is yours!

Which hair removal method will you choose? More info on our website



If you decide on waxing, here are a few practical tips for you:


  1. Always apply the wax strip in the direction of hair growth, gently pressing it to the skin.
  2. Pull the skin taut with one hand, and with your other hand, pull the strip quickly and firmly. And always in the opposite direction to hair growth! Try to keep the strip as parallel to the skin as possible.
  3. For a perfect finish, use the post-waxing wipe included in the box.





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