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Sweet almond oil

Restores skin barrier function.

This oil has a strong emollient effect on the skin, which enhances regulation of the lipid phase of the skin surface, owing to its unsaturated fatty acid content. It has excellent tolerability and is therefore used in cosmetics as an excipient, lubricant and for restoring sebum secretion and epithelium regeneration in products for the hygiene and treatment of delicate and sensitive skin and babies’ skin.

The unsaponifiable fraction of the sweet almond, composed mainly of esculane, tocopherols and phytosterols, delivers highly nourishing substances to the skin. The topical application of the unsaponifiable plant oil acts on the dermal connective tissue, enhancing skin tone and elasticity.

Sweet almond oil is therefore highly recommended in formulating cosmetic products with a moisturising and emollient action.

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