Discover the perfect gift: The ideal beauty pack to give this Christmas for less than €10

BODY NATUR > Discover the perfect gift: The ideal beauty pack to give this Christmas for less than €10

Christmas is here again, almost without us noticing, and we’re thinking about what we’re going to give our loved ones. It will probably be a different kind of Christmas, we might not be able to spend it with the entire  family, or it may even be a virtual Christmas. And, because they’re special, this year, more than ever, we’re going to smile and show our family how much we love them. But what can we get them? It’s the same question we ask ourselves every year.

Perfume, clothes, electronics, what’s the ideal gift? Body Natur has the answer. How about an Experiential Beauty Pack?

We’ve prepared an Experiential Pack for you at a crazy price, less than 10 euros! At this fantastic price you can get one for all your friends. As well as giving the gift of beauty, you’re giving experiences, pampering, and care.  You won’t be giving just cosmetics, far from it! With this Experiential Pack you’ll also be giving someone an entire experience, a journey from the senses to the essential needs of the skin. You’ll be giving the gift of happiness!

Each product in the Experiential Pack will pamper the skin of the people you love most, providing them with extra care and moisturisation. They’ll love using them because they smell fabulous! You didn’t know?

Yes, the products smell of red fruits, and so good that you’ll want to eat them.

The synergy of the three products will transform the skin from the very first use, thanks to their detoxifying, nourishing and revitalising properties.

But let’s talk about their amazing textures. If all three products smell extraordinarily good, you can imagine how sublime their textures are. They’ll love them!

A body scrub with crushed rice particles that gently and delicately exfoliate your skin. The body butter is a rich and nourishing solution, light but creamy at the same time. It melts on contact with the skin, moisturising it and giving it a beautiful fragrance throughout the day.

To complete the pack, you have one of the star products of the Body Natur brand, the Sorbet. It has such a special “sorbet” texture that you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s for the body.

A perfect fragrance combined with WOW textures make this experiential pack a true delight.


pack-bodynatur-imagenWhat does the Body Natur
Experiential Pack contain?

Body Scrub 200 ml

Body Butter 200 ml

Body Sorbet 200 ml



This Christmas is full of surprises for you, because not only do we have an Experiential Pack that is undoubtedly the perfect gift, but you can also get it for free. Want to know how?

From 9 December you can enter the draw for three Experiential Packs: Detox Plan + Body Nutrition, containing red fruits. It’s simple, all you need to do is:

– Visit our website:

– Subscribe to our newsletter

– And that’s it – you’re in for a chance to win!

We’re giving away three packs for you or for whoever you wish if you win. So don’t forget to participate!

It’s time to pamper ourselves. And you, how will you surprise someone this Christmas?