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Formulated using natural resins and enriched with Orchid, Body Natur Professional Wax is perfect for hair removal.

Easy to use, it’s suitable for all types of skin and hair, even very short hair, and gives beauty-salon results that last up to 4 weeks.

It heats quickly in the microwave, melts at a low temperature to avoid the risk of burns, and does not

require the use of strips.

The post-waxing 5 in 1 wipes clean, calm, moisturise and brighten the skin and slow hair growth.

Dermatologically tested.


With orquid
Specially for microwaves
Perfect results
Effective on short hair
Pleasantly scented
No strips
Melts at a low temperature and does not require strips.

Instructions for use

Warning: be extremely careful when heating the wax, as overheated wax can cause burns. In the event of burns, apply cold water to the area and do not try to remove the wax. Seek immediate medical attention and show the packaging. Only for microwave use.

• Never heat the pot with the lid on or with the wooden spatula or any other utensil inside it Warning: check the condition of your microwave. As with all electrical appliances, microwaves should be used following the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to keep it clean and in proper working order. Incorrect cleaning and maintenance of the microwave may cause, in certain products such as professional waxes, physical alterations such as sparks, if the appliance is not in good condition.

• Constantly monitor the wax while heating. Place the pot in the microwave on one side of the plate and heat the wax following the times indicated in the table. DO NOT place the pot in the middle of the microwave. Select the “heat” function on your microwave – never “defrost” or “cook”. The heating times should be as accurate as possible to avoid any incidents. If the power of your microwave is less than 800 W, the heating time should be longer. We recommend that you heat the wax in short periods so that you don’t overheat the wax. The amount of wax remaining after each use will gradually be less, so the heating times will also be shorter with each use. Once the heating time is completed, it’s very important to respect the resting time inside the microwave in order to obtain an even heat distribution throughout the wax. Never allow the wax to boil. If this happens, or if you can’t handle the pot with your bare hands because it’s too hot, or because the wax is liquid or contains bubbles, do not touch the pot. Allow it to cool down for at least 20 minutes so that the temperature inside the microwave drops, since the wax has overheated. When the temperature is cool enough to allow you to handle the pot, remove it from the microwave without tilting it, in a vertical position, using the two tabs on the pot to help you grip it. The ideal consistency of the wax should be similar to that of honey. If the wax hasn’t fully melted, it will not be homogenous. You will therefore have to heat it a little longer, but never for more than 10 seconds, until you achieve the ideal texture. The wax should be partly liquid with some solid, compact lumps. The combination of both textures makes the wax perfect for hair removal. NOTE: Prepare this mixture with the utmost care in order to avoid splashes. Examine the surface of the wax. If the surface is still hard after the heating and rest times, NEVER attempt to perforate it, as the hot wax inside could splash upwards and potentially burn you. Introduce the wooden spatula down to the bottom of the pot and stir the wax slowly upwards, making sure the wax doesn’t spill over. Do not shake the pot.

• The skin should be clean and dry, without irritation or traces of other products: creams, oils, etc. The hair should be at least 2-3 mm long. ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE OF THE WAX before each application. Always carry out a small test on the inside of your wrist to ensure that the wax is not too hot. If the wax is too hot, let it cool. The wax will be ready when it has the consistency of honey. Scoop up some wax with the spatula and spread it over the area to be waxed, in the direction of hair growth, forming a thin, even layer of around 2 mm of wax. Leave a thicker amount of wax at both ends of the strip to make it easier to pull. When using this product on sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini line, do not wax the same area more than twice in the same waxing session to avoid irritating the skin.

Upper lip: wax each side of the lip (right and left) separately. For a perfect finish on the upper lip, after applying the wax against the direction of hair growth you can also then apply it in the opposite direction.

Bikini line: if the hair is more than 5 mm long, trim it first. Wax a small area each time.

Underarms: underarm hair grows in two directions, so waxing must be done in two stages.

If the wax gets cold during hair removal, and you can’t apply it properly, heat it again for successive periods.

• Allow the wax strip to dry for a few seconds until it is no longer sticky to the touch. Then, hold the skin taut with one hand and with the other hand grip the end of the wax strip and pull it swiftly and firmly against the direction of hair growth, keeping it parallel to the skin. To soothe the skin, apply pressure with your hand or apply a cold compress to the waxed area immediately after pulling the strip of wax. If you pull the strip too slowly or perpendicular to the skin, you could split the hair or cause slight irritation.

• For a perfect finish, apply a post-hair removal 5 in 1 wipe to remove all wax residue, to soothe, moisturise and brighten the skin and to slow hair regrowth. Never remove the wax residue with water, soap or alcohol. If necessary, remove it with cotton wool soaked in oil.

Thanks to its two different widths, the spatula adapts to the different parts of the body. The narrow part is appropriate for the facial areas, while the wide part is suitable for the rest of the body.


1 100g pot of professional wax
2 post-waxing 5 in 1 wipes that clean, calm, moisturise and brighten the skin and slow hair growth.
1 spatula


Follow the instructions for use and read the precautions.
Before each application, always check your skin’s reaction by applying the wax to a small part of the area to be treated, following the instructions. If there is no adverse reaction after 24 hours you can continue with the application.
This product is suitable for hair removal on the underarms, bikini line, upper lip, cheeks and chin.
Do not use on the head, face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, chest, nipples or surrounding area, perianal or genital area, or on any other part of the body.
Do not apply to wounds, varicose veins, spots or cracked, irritated or burnt skin or to skin which has previously had an adverse reaction to hair removal wax.
Waxing is not suitable for the elderly, diabetics or people taking medication for acne. It is recommended to avoid sunbathing, swimming, or using deodorants or other alcohol-based or perfumed products for 24 hours before and after waxing.
At high temperatures (>30⁰C) put the strips into the fridge for 30 minutes before use.
Store in a horizontal position at a temperature below 40⁰C. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not ingest.
IF SWALLOWED: get immediate medical attention and show this package.
Keep the leaflet for future reference.
Best used before the end of: see EXP on the package.
Date of manufacture: see DOM on the package.

  • Area of application

    Face, underarms and bikini line
  • Action time

    All skin types
  • Results

  • Results

    Up to 4 hair-free weeks

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🔹 Ampollas bifásicas con las que devolverás a tu rostro la juventud, mejorarás su textura y atenuarás las arrugas
🔹 Exfoliante limpiador enzimático para limpiar suavemente la piel del rostro, alisarla y minimizar los poros que haya en ella en un solo paso.
🔹 Crema gel facial para lograr una piel tersa, elástica y firme. ¡Una gozada! 🥰

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El verano nos ha encantado, al igual que el sol, la playa, las actividades y la arena. Decimos adiós a las sandalias para dar paso a un zapato más cerrado. Es posible que notes cómo tus pies sudan en exceso, pero hay tips que pueden ayudar a que el sudor no sea un problema: 🤩

1️⃣ Usa zapatos de buena calidad, evitando plásticos y gomas
2️⃣ No apretar en exceso los cordones del zapato cerrado
3️⃣ Lavar frecuentemente las plantillas
4️⃣ Usar calcetines transpirables
5️⃣ Aplicar nuestro desodorante efecto seco para regular la producción de sudor y evitar la proliferación de bacterias que causen malos olores.

Nosotrxs lo usamos diariamente tras todo el día fuera de casa y…¡Los resultados son sorprendentes! 🥰

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💧 Exfoliantes: exfoliar la piel es fundamental tras el verano. Elige el exfoliante de Body Natur que más te guste y limpia tu piel para que luzca radiante, fresca y luminosa.

💧 Mantecas: si hablamos de hidratación, es obligatorio comentar nuestras mantecas en primer lugar. ¡Qué gusto da aplicárselas y qué aroma más delicioso! Frutos rojos, granada y fruta del dragón; mango, papaya y marula o bien, arroz y aceite de coco. ¡Tú eliges!

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✨ Para conseguir un aspecto luminoso en tu rostro, utiliza nuestro sérum revitalizante, que aportará suavidad, firmeza y elasticidad, corrigiendo los signos de envejecimiento.

👉🏻 Si necesitas una dosis de hidratación, lo mejor es recurrir a nuestras ampollas bifásicas a base de vitamina C y niacinamida.

Y si quieres un colofón histórico en tu piel al volver a tu oficina, utiliza nuestra crema-gel hidratante. Déjate encandilar por su efecto GLOW antiedad para disfrutar de la elasticidad y firmeza que ofrece. 🌟

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🌸 Agua micelar revitalizante que hidrata y aporta sensación de frescor en la piel

🌸 Sérum revitalizante para combatir el aspecto apagado y aportar suavidad, firmeza y elasticidad

🌸 Contorno de ojos iluminador que hidrata intensamente, refresca la mirada y combate las arrugas eficazmente

🌸 Crema gel antiedad para conseguir una piel tersa, elástica y firme

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¿Te sudan los pies en verano? 😰 Sabemos que es una de las zonas donde el sudor es más incómodo, no solo porque causa mal olor, sino porque resulta incómodo para el calzado. Por ello, en Body Natur tenemos dos productos ideales para evitar que este problema arruine tus días estivales: desodorante efecto seco y talco desodorante. ¡Vamos a desvelar sus propiedades! ☺️

👣 El desodorante efecto seco y el talco desodorante, garantizan la eficacia a través de una doble acción específica que regula la producción de sudor manteniendo los pies secos y evita la proliferación de bacterias que causan malos olores.

👣 Los pies permanecerán secos y sin olores durante todo el día, ¡Pruébalos!

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¿Estás de vacaciones, quieres depilarte y desconoces nuestra crema depilatoria DEPILMEN para pieles normales? Hombre que nos estás leyendo, este post está dedicado para ti. 🤗

☝🏻 Agradablemente perfumada y enriquecida con aceites de Ginseng y Té verde y extracto de Algas Marinas, elimina el vello de forma rápida, cómoda e indolora, a la vez que cuida la piel. ¡Mira cómo desaparece en el vídeo!

☝🏻 Deja la piel hidratada 24h, eficacia en 3 minutos y es más duradera que la cuchilla. ¡Pruébala y cuéntanos en comentarios tus impresiones!

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Al final del día solo le pedimos mimos extra, móvil en modo avión y productos que nos cuiden la piel. Nuestros sorbetes corporales y nuestro aceite en crema son el mix que necesitas cuando llegas a casa después de un duro día. 🥰

☝🏻 Los sorbetes corporales con textura acuosa revitalizan, refrescan e hidratan tu piel durante 24 horas. De frutos rojos, granada y fruta del dragón; mango, papaya y marula y de arroz y aceite de coco. Escoge la variedad que más te guste y alucina con su textura. 🤗

Nuestro aceite en crema corporal con textura transformante se convierte en aceite al masajear. ¡Es pura magia! 😯 Es ideal para pieles secas y aporta suavidad instantánea, manteniendo la piel hidratada durante 48 horas.

Y tú, ¿quieres sumarte a acabar el día con nosotrxs? 😉

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La belleza tendría que ser un derecho. Desde Body Natur, creemos que la belleza no tendría que ser una opción, sino que debería ser un derecho. A sentirte cómodx contigo mismx, encontrando productos adaptados a distintas necesidades y a no sentirte rechazadx por no cumplir con los estándares de belleza implantados por la moda. 🤗

👉🏻 Descubre más leyendo el blog en nuestra web (Link en bio)

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