• REMOVE HARD SKIN: Take your time and prepare your feet, starting with the treatment of corns and calluses.
  • DRY YOUR FEET WELL: Take a towel and dry your feet well, especially between your toes, to avoid fungus.
  • EXFOLIATE REGULARLY: Exfoliation softens the skin and increases the effectiveness of subsequent creams. 
  • APPLY MOISTURISER EVERY NIGHT: This routine will leave them as smooth as possible.
  • CUT YOUR NAILS SQUARE TO AVOID INGROWN TOENAILS: It’s better to use a nail clippers and make a straight, clean cut.
  • AVOID SYNTHETIC SHOES AND SHOES THAT SQUEEZE THE FOOT: Choose quality, loose-fitting footwear with a flexible last.
  • TO IMPROVE YOUR CIRCULATION, AVOID CROSSING YOUR LEGS: You should sit with your legs uncrossed so as to avoid circulation problems.

Foot Care

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