• Exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of the dead cells and thus prevent subcutaneous hair.
  • For special occasions, use the wax long enough beforehand to avoid any possible red rashes.
  • Waxing should preferably be done after a bath or a hot shower. The heat will dilate the pores and facilitate depilation.
  • Avoid depilation before menstruation since hormones reinforce the hair, thus increasing the pain and the risk of hair breaking.
  • Rub an ice cube over the area where you have removed hair to attenuate any rednesss and irritation.
  • Don not apply products with alcohol content (such as deodorantes for example) on any recently waxed zones.
  • Use a hair growth inhibitator just after depilation, as this will mean you do not have to wax yourself so often and the hair will weaken, helping depilation sessions to become less painful.


  • To guarantee greater effectiveness, apply the layers or wax as thinly as possible.
  • Leave a strip about two centimetres long not adhered at the end to be able to grip this well and pull firmly.
  • For the armpits and bikini zone, cut the hair with scissors if necessary so this is no longer than 5 millimetres and thus facilitate depilation.
  • For better results and to reduce pain, stretch your skin out well and pull the strip in the opposite direction to hair growth.
  • When pulling the strip, pull in such a way that this does not go too far from the skin in order to obtain better results.