Get your legs summer-ready

The temperatures have started to rise and, almost without realising it, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to put on the skirts, shorts and colourful dresses that have been waiting in our wardrobe for their stellar moment. But the first day is always a bit scary, our legs have been hidden for...
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Spirulina, source of vitamins, proteins and minerals

Some of you may have already tried Clean Beauty, our new line of vegan and environmentally friendly hair removal products. Today we’re going to tell you about one of the key ingredients that we chose especially for this popular range. The Clean Beauty philosophy is about only using ingredients that are strictly necessary for the...
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Clean Beauty, your new hair removal range

Body Natur understands beauty as caring for the appearance and health of the skin, offering cosmetic products adapted to the different needs of women and men and that are developed with total respect for our skin and our environment. From these joint concerns of caring for our skin and respecting the environment at the same...
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The pomegranate’s benefits

The pomegranate is a fruit that offers many benefits for the body, and everything from the seeds to even the whitish part is valued in body care products. At BodyNatur, when developing the “formula” -or rather the “recipe”- for our products, we always select the best ingredients to create the most appropriate range of products...
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Is your skin crying out for nourishment?

The cold weather is here for the next few months and can cause damage to our skin. Each season affects the skin in a different way, as do the habits we follow in each season. But one thing is certain, the cold weather often takes its toll on our skin. If your skin is dull,...
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Discover the perfect gift: The ideal beauty pack to give this Christmas for less than €10

Christmas is here again, almost without us noticing, and we’re thinking about what we’re going to give our loved ones. It will probably be a different kind of Christmas, we might not be able to spend it with the entire  family, or it may even be a virtual Christmas. And, because they’re special, this year,...
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3 tips for removing facial hair in 5 minutes

We’re sure it’s happened to you too! You’re putting on your makeup, getting ready to go out…and there it is! That annoying hair that you can’t get rid of because it’s too short, but it’s visible. And you think: “I should’ve thought about it earlier”. You’re someone who prefers to do their hair removal at...
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Awaken your senses by moisturising your skin with hints of nature

Looking for a body care range based on natural ingredients that awaken your senses? As the temperatures drop, our skin suffers and becomes more vulnerable and dehydrated.  Your skin needs help! Now’s the time to give your skin an intense treatment to restore its balance. Imagine using a sensory body care range that will give...
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Protect and care for your skin don’t let masks unbalance it

Have you noticed that your skin is unbalanced through the use of masks? Does it feel tight or dry? The current situation is having a big effect on our skin. The daily use of masks is causing a major imbalance in the dermis: redness, dryness, and tightness. These symptoms are becoming noticeable not only in...
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Your autumn essentials are here to stay

In this current situation, if we were to ask you what were the essential items to carry in your bag, what would you say? A moisturising hand cream and a hydroalcoholic gel, for sure. Not very convenient, right? But keep reading because we have the solution! At Body Natur, we want to make your day-to-day...
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A new favourite product for your skin! Make it part of your daily body care routine.

Moisturising your skin is essential at any time of year, but now it’s even more important after the effects of excess sun during the summer months. But imagine moisturising your skin with a product that transforms into oil when it comes into contact with your skin? It’s an absolute pleasure for the senses! So what...
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Back to school and more protected than ever

If you want to make sure the kids are protected, and to do it safely, we have the ideal product to make the return to school a little easier. We know these are uncertain times, so at Body Natur want to help. We’d like to invite you to try the new 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic...
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The importance of moisturising your skin after sunbathing

Luckily, we’re increasingly aware of how important it is to protect our skin before sunbathing, but what we don’t really realise is how important it is to moisturise our skin well after sunbathing. Today we’re going to talk to you about it! Moisturise your skin after sunbathing  You’re probably spending more time in the sun...
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This product is all you need for keeping your tan for longer

There’s only one really effective TIP that will help you prolong that hard-earned tan. And here it is: start exfoliating your skin regularly NOW! Exfoliation is your best ally in preventing your tan from fading too quickly. Contrary to what some people still believe today, your tan doesn’t disappear if you exfoliate your skin. What...
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Say goodbye to hair, no pain!

In general, women feel uncomfortable about having facial and body hair, and even more so in the summer We often resort to removing the hair, but there are areas (on the face and body) where you don’t need to remove the hair completely. You can just disguise it, by using lightening creams. Bleaching is an...
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Bye, bye, hair! Get your skin ready for summer

More and more men are paying attention to personal grooming these days. And hair removal is already part of the aesthetic routine of many men, whether for appearance reasons or for greater comfort when practicing certain sports.   While men’s faces are adorned with beards, the body hair is not so welcome. And especially now,...
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